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Pakistani Courses

  1. Badar Trader Batch10 Smart Money Concept Complete Course
  2. Badar Trader Batch11 Smart Money + VSA Complete Course
  3. Ahmad Umair Akhtar Volume Spread Analysis ( VSA ) Complete Course
  4. Trade With Farooq Mentorship Complete Course
  5. Sartaj Rehman SBT Concept Complete Course
  6. Sartaj Rehman SBT Strategy Complete Course
  7. Sharjeel Msb Fx Complete Course
  8. VSA Course By Ch Rashid Mehmood
  9. . Smart Money Concept Course By Sohail Anwar Blue Pips
  10. Smart Money Concept By Trader Riaz
  11. Price Action Course By Trader Riaz
  12. SMC Course By Dark Fx
  13. Open Interest By Sajjad Ahmad
  14. Open Interest By Mubashir
  15. VSA Course By Sajid Ghauri
  16. Mateen Awaan Complete Course
  17. Fundamental Course By Abu Bakar
  18. . 4 Month Challenge Course Batch1 By Zahid Hussain
  19. Crypto Air Drops Course By Zahid Hussain
  20. Defy Club Course Of Zahid Hussain
  21. SMC Course By Muhammad Shahid
  22. Binary Basic To Advance Level Course By Ishaq LMBO
  23. Binary Advance SMC Course By Ishaq LMBO
  24. ICT Course By Junaid Niazi
  25. Volume Spread Analysis ( VSA ) Batch 25 By Umair Akhtar
  26. Inner Circle Trading ( ICT ) By Trader Riaz
  27. Crypto & Forex Complete Course By P4Provide
  28. Structure & SMC Course By Hamza

Indian Courses

  1. Elliot Wave Theory Basic To Advance Level
  2. Neo Wave Theory By Dr. Sanjay
  3. Sunil Minglani Technical Analysis Course
  4. Trader Master Program By Sunil Minglani
  5. Market Profile Course By Parag Sharma
  6. Booming Bulls Complete Course
  7. Logic Trading By MR.Khan
  8. Binary Advance Course By Trader Shah
  9. Trade With Ani Complete Course
  10. Complete Technical Analysis Course By Asian Forex
  11. Binary / Qoutex Course By Skytex
  12. Binary / Qoutex Course By Trader Waseem
  13. Jatin Kapoor Binary Complete 2024 Course
  14. Trading Hub 4.0 Complete Course

English International Courses

  1. Raja Bank Smart Raja Concept ( SRC ) Complete Course
  2. Market Fluidity Course By Raja Banks
  3. Raja Banks Market Fluidity Simulations
  4. Raja Banks SRC Bootcamps
  5. Set & Forget By Alex Gonzales
  6. Trading 180 Supply & Demand
  7. Evolution Market 2024 Complete Course
  8. Vaga Fx Complete Course
  9. Liquidity Universities Complete Course
  10. The Algo Traders 90 Minutes Cycle
  11. Brave Heart Market Structure & ICT Complete Course
  12. Chart Champion Complete Course
  13. Phantom Mentorship
  14. SMT Fx Complete Course
  15. SMC Gelo Complete Course
  16. Jea Fx 2.0
  17. The Prop ICT Trader
  18. Fx Speed Runner
  19. Mentorship Is Alive
  20. Forex Trading From Basic To Advance Level
  21. Liquidity Inducement LIT Complete Course
  22. JadeCap Complete Course
  23. Casper ICT Complete Course
  24. Romeo Secrets Of Time & Price Theory
  25. Meme Coin Mystery Course By Sajjad 2024
  26. LIT Trading May Madness ( Algo Concept ) 2024
  27. The Gold Box XAUUSD Trading Strategy 2024 ( Videos & Pdf )
  28. Claudia Rea The Gold Room 2024
  29. The Currency Merchant 2024
  30. The Volume Trader Order Flow Mystery
  31. Andrew NFX Complete Course
  32. Dave Teaches Fx Master class 2024
  33. The Scalp University Complete Course 2024
  34. Evolution Market FX Tpot 2.0 2024
  35. Mark Huchinson Rewired Psychology Program 2024
  36. Complete Price Action Course By SCI Trade 2024

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